At the edge of Mt. Kenya National Forest, secluded by dense wilderness, is the rural Kenyan market center of Mutunguru. Those who live in the small villages surrounding Mutunguru enjoy stunning views of green valleys, lush forests, and idyllic waterfalls. But these features have also isolated residents from main roads, and limited access to electricity. 

The rivers and waterfalls in this region of Kenya offer more than a pretty view. They hold vast potential to power communities and improve lives.

Recognizing this, a group of Mutunguru leaders rallied the community to find a partner to help build a run-of-the-river hydropower plant in their valley. Instead of bringing in donors, the reason an earlier power project never took flight, they looked for investors. The community leaders applied for grants and conducted feasibility studies, and eventually caught the eye of Virunga Power, a Power Africa partner and founding member of Power Africa’s Beyond the Grid sub-initiative.... CONTINUE READING