The Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP), launched at the beginning of this year, has signed a Support Agreement for its first project. The project comprises two run-of-the-river mini-hydro power plants, in the Murang’a and Bungoma counties of Kenya, which are being jointly developed by Virunga Power and local community organizations. Once fully developed, the project will have a total combined capacity of 10 MW of clean energy generation which will be supplied to the Kenyan national grid. In addition, the project will also supply power to the local rural community either through a mini-grid or expansion of the current national power grid to surrounding communities.

With the REPP’s support, the project will provide electrification to local communities that will enable sustainable development and a range of positive community benefits. The nature of the support that the REPP will provide to Virunga Power is built around early stage technical assistance during the developmental phases of the projects, as well as assistance with financial structuring... CONTINUE READING