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sELECTION OF Owner’s engineer for Lilondi HydroPower Project


The proposed construction of the hydropower Project located on Lingatunda Falls of Lilondi River in Mahanje village, Madaba District, Ruvuma region of Southern Highlands of Tanzania.

The Project is a ~4.5 megawatt run-of-river hydropower undertaking that aims feed electricity to the Tanzania national grid. The project will be constructed under the provisions of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for EPC Turnkey Projects Agreement 2nd Edition (2017, Silver Book) or similar. The EPC Contractor will take ultimate responsibility for delivering a fit for purpose project in accordance to the employer’s specifications. Click Here to view the original Request for Proposal for the OE.

Corrigendum No. 1: Notice for changes or additional information

The Contract Notice and the Lilondi OE - Request for Proposal dated and published 29th July 2019 is corrected and modified as indicated in the Notice for Changes. Please note that apart from the corrections and modifications (“Revised”) indicated in the Corrigendum above, all other terms,conditions and provisions of the Contract Notice shall remain unmodified.


Find herein the Clarifications for OE for the EPC of Lilondi Hydropower Project. Please note that the clarification period on the Contract Notice is now closed. No additional clarification requests will be accepted from August 28, 2019.